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Vaclav Milik: I'm still learning

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Vaclav Milik is probably the brightest star of Czech speedway, however, his last season couldn't be classified as a good one. This also touches his starts in TAURON Speedway Euro Championship.

Initially, it looked like, after getting bronze and silver medal, Milik can join the rivalry for gold, but what happened is that he couldn't have locked the spot for upcoming year in the series.

Vaclav Milik started rivalry in Euro Championship from two 7th positions and getting 8 points twice: in Gniezno and Guestrow, while only one year back, in the premiere rounds, he got himself into the final heat of the night.

This time, however, he was able to reach that only in the third round - in Daugavpils (Latvia), where he ended as 4th, right behind the podium.

While looking at his statistics, in each round, he was getting three points less than in 2017 and won only half of the heats than one year earlier. What's more, when we would not consider Josef Franc, who was failing constantly, it was Milik who finished his heats at the fourth position most often.

- To be hones, I had moments, when I really had no idea what was the issue. It just goes like that - ups and downs all the way. Season 2017 was quite a good one and this year, my form got worse. There's nothing left to be done that just draw some conclusions. Like I always say: I'm still learning. At the end of the season, I had some good moments. Maybe the key is to have fun with speedway, this pure joy, instead of keeping everything into professional frames - Czech rider wonders.

Breakthrough in Daugavpils had let Milik believe in his further progress and a positive ending of 2018 season. Ahead of the last round in Chorzów. Czech riders was only two points down to Antonio Lindbaeck and Mikkel Michelsen, classified ex-aequo at the fifth place. However, his performance at the Śląski Stadium got him rid of chances to stay in TAURON SEC in 2019 - only six points gathered got him the overall eight position. Even though, he started this evening with two points in the first heat and a win in his last, that was just not enough to catch up his loss in the mid-phase, when in three heats, he only got one point.

- Surely, I wanted to achieve more. Most importantly, I wanted to secure a spot in the TOP 5. On the other hand, it was my first time starting at the artificial track, so while considering this fact, it was not that bad. In the first phase of the meeting, we had been looking for proper setups. What's more, in these first heats, I was choosing some wrong lines, which cost me a lot. In the last heat of the night, I was able to race way better. I got a different trajectory and while racing near the inside line, I was way faster than with doing it in the middle of this track. We just started to adjust to this surface - "Vasek" reminisces.

Despite an underwhleming score, Milik's performance in Chorzów, opened him into a new experiences and got him lots of valuable notices. Rivalry at the big arenas, with support of a huge crowd, let him taste a totally different dimension of speedway, well known for years, from the Grand Prix series. These kinds of experiences make rider want to be able to participate in it once more.

- I really enjoyed it, even more with the beautiful Śląski Stadium, making such a great impression. And adding the fans' support - every rider would love to race in such conditions. Naturally, it was tough to adjust to this track, but if I would have a chance to be back here, I would be way smarter. Basic difference between artificial and natural tracks is that these firtst doesn't hold us that much and you're getting more holes and ruts. To be honest, thought, when I first saw this surface, I had thought it would've been worse than it actually was - Milik admitted.

Recently, there has been a lot of criticism over Milik. Not so good and unstable disposition found its reflection also in Polish PGE Ekstraliga starsts, where Czech rider decreased his average points with 0,3, comparing to 2017 and 0,6 when it comes to 2016. For some time, he couldn't have even been sure of a spot in Wrocław team for upcoming season. Ultimately, he got his chance for a breakthrough and that's exactly what he'll be trying to do also at the international arena. For a long time, it has been said that while being in shape, Czech rider, would be a great added value to Grand Prix series. Right now, however, Milik keeps his focus on Individual European Championship and settling the score in this rivalry.

- I would like to be back to TAURON SEC. I think that reaching the promotion through qualification rounds and further SEC Challenge could give me even bigger motivation to fight for the top goals and trying to reach for gold - Milik ended.

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Vaclav Milik: I'm still learning

Vaclav Milik is probably the brightest star of Czech speedway, however, his last season couldn't be classified as a good one. This also touches his starts in TAURON Speedway Euro Championship.

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