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Przedpełski : The result could be a little different

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After the inauguration inauguration in Guestrow, Paweł Przedpełski noted a much better performance in the second round of TAURON SEC, which took place in Toruń on July 27. On Motoarena the Pole scored eight points and was classified in ninth place. Thanks to that he made some points in the general classification, but he is still far from the top. We talk with Pawełek about the importance and course of the competition in Toruń, the fall with Adrian Miedziński, as well as about the missed chance for an even better result and the plan for the second part of the struggle for the title of European Champion.

Was it difficult to approach this competition after a bad inauguration in Guestrow?

It seems to me that it didn't really matter to me much. It is known that it was a new day and a completely different competition. I try not to think too much about previous bad performances. I do not look back, I look to the future with a positive attitude.

What did you think knowing you would go in front of your own audience? After all, you are a homegrown of the Toruń club.

For sure the track in Toruń is very well known to me, so I was glad that one of the rounds of the European Championships will take place here. I had many positive emotions because I went through quite a lot of seasons for the team from Toruń. I think that there were a lot of supporters from the area in the stands, it was also nice to present myself at this stake and hear the doping that was given to all Poles.

How do you treat performances in Toruń since you are not a rider of the local club?

It's best to approach it with a cool head and try to treat it like a normal competition. There should be no additional emotions in all this, because then various unnecessary things come out of it.

Didn't you have the desire to prove something to someone?

Probably not. I just tried to drive a good competition so that I could stand in front of the mirror in the evening and tell myself that I had done everything I could. Each of us - riders - has already been criticized so many times and later tossed that you can get used to it. When it comes to any statements, they do not impress me much and generally do not move me too much.

How would you rate your performance in Toruń?

Sometimes I lacked luck a bit, but I still find the competition successful. I gave my best, but I must admit that if it wasn't for the events of my last race, the result could be a little different. I needed three points to enter the play-off and even drove in the lead, but unfortunately it ended that Adrian Miedziński hit me and we had an accident.

In the replay of this race, you were no longer able to win.

Exactly. It was very difficult for me to catch Nick Pedersen. I did what I could, sometimes I was even close to him, but he was much better at the start and just started me. I certainly felt sorry for it, because the play-off or maybe even the finals escaped. It is known that such runs have their own rules, but I can do nothing about it.

How do you feel after falling with "Miedziak"?

You can't hide that I'm a little battered, the more that I had quite a broken and torn hip after a fall in Guestrow, so now it all renewed and returned with doubled strength. Today, I certainly feel the effects of this fall, but this is the slag and such stories are inscribed in this sport.

How did the accident look from your perspective?

I was a bit surprised by all this. I was riding in front and I was not prepared for such a shot from the left. Sometimes it happens. We can't turn back time.

Did you talk about this situation later?

Yes, we talked, so everything is explained between us. It is known that nerves may appear, but such things happen, so now there are no negative emotions. The most important thing is that we are all and none of us have any fractures. This should be enjoyed.

I wonder if only the accident with Adrian Miedziński deprived you of the chance for an even better result in Toruń, or maybe something has not worked out your way?

I also made a mistake in the eleventh gear when Kai Huckenbeck overtook me. It was a race after the delicate cosmetics of the track and I suggested that everyone was riding the curb. It seemed to me that the optimal path would be there, but Kai attacked me outside. He was in the third position, he had nothing to lose, he tried and he succeeded. If I came in second place then, even if I lost to Nicky Pedersen in the last run I would advance to the play-off.

How was your Motoaren ride? After the competition there were some critical voices about this track.

Probably they came from the fact that the track made ruts, which proved to be not completely safe. However, I think it was not the organizers' fault. We can't blame them because we saw the weather that day. Very heavy rainfall has passed the stadium several times, so if we take this into account, we will conclude that this track looked very good anyway. I suspect that the competition would not take place at other facilities. I think that we could not complain about the lack of racing and overtaking. In my opinion, the competition was more interesting.

Were you able to use your knowledge about the Toruń track to suit it or not necessarily?

I remember that at individual competitions in Toruń the track was usually prepared differently than for the league. This time it was the same. Of course, this season I didn't have many opportunities to ride a Motoarena, but it certainly wasn't the same track I remember two or three years ago.

Did you feel a slight relief after the competition in Toruń? You drove much better than you did in the first round in Gustrow.

It is known that every successful competition only drives me. It wasn't my day at Gustrow. I couldn't catch anything there. However, I left it somewhere far behind and tried not to even think about it. Then I had a much better period. Just before the competition in Toruń, I recorded a very good performance in Sweden, where I lost only one point in five starts. Later I had a successful match in Częstochowa. I also positively assess the start in the TAURON SEC round in Toruń, so I certainly had some reasons to be satisfied. Thanks to this, I look with optimism at the next phase of the season, which can be very important to me.

This is another season that is not going your way. Can we talk about a breakthrough based on the good performances you mentioned?

I don't know, it's really hard for me to say. I definitely work hard so that everything is fine. The season is going on all the time and I am focusing on it now. It is known that sometimes there are better performances, and sometimes worse, but this is how the sport works. None of us are a machine.

We are at the halfway point of the European Championships. What else do you think you will be able to do in this year's cycle?

The plan is to earn the most points, and what comes of it, we'll see at the end.

Have you ever wondered why you still don't have a victory in this year's TAURON SEC?

No, because it's not a big worry for me. The truth is that there were still not many gears. There are only two tournaments behind us, so in the next two rounds I will definitely fight to make these triples show up.

Maybe it will be already August 10 in Danish Vojens, when the third round will take place?

I haven't had the opportunity to start there yet. I only remember that in 2015 I was a substitute during the Team World Cup and I did only a few laps in training. Recently, there have been rare competitions on this track, so I don't know exactly what to expect. I will definitely fight to make up for the losses and try to stay in the cycle.

Starting list TAURON Speedway Euro Championship 2019: Ovethi 3rd Round, Vojens

1. Jarosław Hampel #33
2. Kai Huckenbeck #744
3. Peter Kildemand #16
4. Grigory Laguta #111
5. Nicki Pedersen #110
6. Vaclav Milik #225
7. Michael Jepsen Jensen #52
8. Antonio Lindbaeck #85
9. Andrey Kudryashov #91
10. Andzejs Lebedevs #29
11. Anders Thomsen #11
12. Bartosz Smektała #115
13. Kacper Woryna #223
14. Leon Madsen #30
15. Paweł Przedpełski #323
16. Mikkel Michelsen #155
17. Frederik Jakobsen
18. Andreas Lyager


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