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French debut

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 French ace is a proof that you can link a good sport level with broadening speedway map. In 2019, David Bellego made it right on multiple fronts. And what can be regretted the most is the second part of TAURON SEC 2019...

 Trip to Guestrow (Germany) can be reminisced in quite a good way. Bellego wasn't listed as one of the favourites, but he brought a lot of trouble to the ones who were.  Ahead of the fifth series in the main part of the meeting, French rider had piled up eight points and had had some real chances to a final success. Then, the most controversial moment of the whole meeeting came.

At the second lap of heat no.18, Bellego had fought hard with Nicki Pedersen. They got themselves too close to each other and Bellego fell on the track. Referee decided to exclude French rider, even though many observers would not agree with this interpretation. This "ex" on his stat sheet crossed his chances to get a good result in Guestrow. Unfortunately, it was only a teaser of some bad times for Bellego. After two series in Toruń, Frenchman had promising four points, but then a drama occured.

Heat no.10 was one of the most dangerous crashes of 2019 season. Even though he wasn't part of it - it was Lambert, Thomsen and Madsen falling on the track, but in the heat's repeat, Bellego fell after getting into a dangerous spot on the track. Rider of PSŻ Poznań left Motoarena in an ambulance. This injury got him out of the round in Vojens, which naturally made his situation in overall classification really hard. In Chorzów, all he had been left with was to leave a good impression.

However, the best way would be not to write too much about the round at the Śląski Stadium. Frenchman ended as the last rider in the line up - he was sixteenth after piling only two points. At the end of the day, his season in TAURON SEC 2019 looks quite peaky. However, all these bad-luck circumstances need to be considered while looking at his fiftteenth overall position. Bellego performed well not only in the Polish league, but at the international level too. We strongly believe that he will reveall all his potential soon, but what is left now is to wait for his comeback to the Euro rivalry.

SEC News
Łódź hosting the TAURON SEC round

For the first time in history, city of Łódź (Poland) is going to host one of the TAURON Speedway Euro Championship round. At their newly-built venue, top European riders will face each other on July 4th, 2020.

TAURON SEC coming back to Gorican

After seven years of break, TAURON Speedway Euro Championship is going back to the Millenium Stadium, bringing the third round of Individual Euro Championship. Meeting is planned on August 22, 2020.

Vojens to host TAURON SEC opener

Now there is even more excitement and intensity in the SEC series. As of this year, the SEC title will trigger one SGP ticket. Danish SEC champion Mikkel Michelsen will be given optimal conditions to start defending his title. The TAURON SEC Ovethi 1. Round will take place on Saturday, June 20, at legendary Vojens Speedway Center.

Ticket prices suiting every pocket

Final round of TAURON SEC, once again is headed to the Silesian Stadium. Rivalry of European top riders comes on 19th of September, 2020 and everyone who's interested in watching it live, is able to do so thanks to ticket prices, which start from 19 PLN.

Big final at the Silesian Stadium

 Big events need big venues. By following this sentence, the Silesian Stadium is going to host the TAURON Speedway Euro Championship series, for the third time in a row. On September 19th, 2020 in Chorzów, top European riders are going to fight for gold, title of the Individual European Champion and a spot in the next year's world championship!

Jepsen Jensen's solidity

 Word that would perfectly describe Michael Jepsen Jensen is "solidity". Dane hasn't used to get under some level and it was the same when it comes to his starts in TAURON SEC 2019. Rider of Falubaz Zielona Góra had been in the game for medals for a long time, but ultimately he had to leave empty handed.

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TAURON SEC 2019 Round 3: Vojens
TAURON SEC 2019 Round 2: Toruń
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