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TAURON SEC Starting lists

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 Below we present official starting list for whole TAURON Speedway Euro Championship 2020 cycle. 

  Starting list TAURON SEC 2020 – Final 1 TORUŃ 04/07
1. Grigorij Laguta (Russia)
2. Krzysztof Kasprzak (Poland)
3. Vaclav Milik (Czech Rep.)
4. David Bellego (France)
5. Nicki Pedersen (Denmark)
6. Michael Jepsen Jensen (Denmark)
7. Andrey Kudryashov (Russia)
8. Kai Huckenbeck (Germany)
9. Robert Lambert (Great Britain)
10. Wild Card
11. Mikkel Michelsen (Denmark)
12. Andzejs Lebedevs (Latvia)
13. Kacper Woryna (Poland)
14. Bartosz Smektała (Poland)
15. Leon Madsen (Denmark)
16. Peter Ljung (Sweden)
17. Igor Kopeć – Sobczyński (Poland)
18. Karol Żupiński (Poland)

Starting list TAURON SEC 2020 – Final 2 BYDGOSZCZ 08/07

1. Robert Lambert (Great Britain)
2. Andzejs Lebedevs (Latvia)
3. Kai Huckenbeck (Germany)
4. Vaclav Milik (Czech Rep.)
5. Michael Jepsen Jensen (Denmark)
6. Kacper Woryna (Poland)
7. Nicki Pedersen (Denmark)
8. Wild Card
9. Grigorij Laguta (Russia)
10. Mikkel Michelsen (Denmark)
11. Leon Madsen (Denmark)
12. Andrey Kudryashov (Russia)
13. Peter Ljung (Sweden)
14. David Bellego (France)
15. Bartosz Smektała (Poland)
16. Krzysztof Kasprzak (Poland)
17. Matić Ivacić (Slovenia)
18. Norbert Krakowiak (Poland)

Starting list TAURON SEC 2020 – Final 3 GNIEZNO 15/07
1. Vaclav Milik (Czech Rep.)
2. Krzysztof Kasprzak (Poland)
3. Andrey Kudryashov (Russia)
4. Andzejs Lebedevs (Latvia)
5. Kai Huckenbeck (Germany)
6. Peter Ljung (Sweden)
7. Kacper Woryna (Poland)
8. Wild Card
9. David Bellego (France)
10. Bartosz Smektała (Poland)
11. Robert Lambert (Great Britain)
12. Michael Jepsen Jensen (Denmark)
13. Mikkel Michelsen (Denmark)
14. Leon Madsen (Denmark)
15. Nicki Pedersen (Denmark)
16. Grigorij Laguta (Russia)
17. Adrian Gała (Poland)
18. Mateusz Bartkowiak (Poland)

Starting list TAURON SEC 2020 Final 4 RYBNIK 22/07
1. Bartosz Smektała (Poland)
2. Grigorij Laguta (Russia)
3. Krzysztof Kasprzak (Poland)
4. Kai Huckenbeck (Germany)
5. Vaclav Milik (Czech. Rep.)
6. David Bellego (France)
7. Robert Lambert (Great Britain)
8. Kacper Woryna (Poland)
9. Leon Madsen (Denmark)
10. Andrey Kudryashov (Russia)
11. Michael Jepsen Jensen (Denmark)
12. Nicki Pedersen (Denmark)
13. Andzejs Lebedevs (Latvia)
14. Mikkel Michelsen (Denmark)
15. Peter Ljung (Sweden)
16. Wild Card
17. Mateusz Cierniak (Poland)
18. Przemysław Liszka (Poland)

Starting list TAURON SEC 2020 Final 5 TORUŃ 29/07
1. Krzysztof Kasprzak (Poland)
2. Leon Madsen (Denmark)
3. Robert Lambert (Great Britain)
4. David Bellego (France)
5. Kai Huckenbeck (Germany)
6. Wild Card
7. Andrey Kudryashov (Russia)
8. Andzejs Lebedevs (Latvia)
9. Mikkel Michelsen (Denmark)
10. Bartosz Smektała (Poland)
11. Vaclav Milik (Czech Rep.)
12. Nicki Pedersen (Denmark)
13. Kacper Woryna (Poland)
14. Grigorij Laguta (Russia)
15. Peter Ljung (Sweden)
16. Michael Jepsen Jensen (Denmark)
17. Igor Kopeć Sobczyński (Poland)
18. Norbert Krakowiak (Poland)

SEC News
Will polish rider finally reach for gold in Tauron SEC?

All this year's final rounds of the Tauron Speedway Euro Championship will take place in Poland. So far, none of the riders competing in white and red colors, managed to achieve triumph in the final battle of the series. Will the fact that the finals will be hosted only in their country be a suitable motivation?

Lambert peaks in time for Torun

Robert Lambert had a match to remember on Friday scoring 13+1 and playing a pivot roll in Rybnik’s first win of the season at home to Gorzow. And his “super-sub” performance from the #8 position was not just good news for his club, but also good news for his chances at winning another SEC Round as he did in Güstrow, Germany in 2018. That is because in his three of his four heat wins for Rybnik, he beat TAURON SEC rivals, Vaclav Milik and Krzysztof Kasprzak who were paired together for the visitors.

Ticket sales for the SEC round in Bydgoszcz kicked off

Bydgoszcz will host the second round of TAURON Speedway Euro Championship 2020, which will take place on 8th of July. Ticket sales for this event just started.

TAURON SEC 2020 participants

The last summary of the remaining five riders which are to compete for the Individual European Championship title. First round of TAURON SEC 2020 will be held in Toruń on 4th of July.

Emil Sayfutdinov with the wild card!

Two-time Individual European Champion, Emil Sayfutdinov received a "wild card" for the second round of the TAURON Speedway Euro Championship 2020, which will take place on 8th of July in Bydgoszcz. Ticket sales for this event will start tomorrow.

Tauron SEC will return to Gniezno after two years break

This year’s Tauron Speedway Euro Championship series will take place exceptionally within one month and the venues will be stadiums only in Poland. The competition for the title of the best rider in Europe will return to one of them after two years break.

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