Milik: I got the right settings too late

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Vaclav Milik took only the 12th place in the inaugural round of the Individual European Championships which was held in Toruń. The Czech representative scored six points.

This is the sixth season in a row when Milik is participating in the TAURON Speedway Euro Championship cycle. The Czech representative started this year's competition unfortunately with exclusion by touching the tape. After moving to the inside gates, Milik started to win his races, but that wasn't enough to get a promotion to the last chance race.

- Starting number 3 is not the best one. At the beginning I got two outside gates. In my first heat I touched the tape, so it wasn't a good start. I was struggling with the right setup, because, for the first time, the track in Toruń was so slick and I wasn’t prepared for that. This track is really fun to race, but today it was only the inside line. Gate A was great, so when I go that one, I changed my setup and everything was much better for me. Unfortunately, it was too late - said Milik.

The second round of the series will take place in Bydgoszcz. The Czech representative admits that he likes the local track. - The track in Bydgoszcz has got a lot of racing lines, it's a more technical one. The most important thing is to find the right setup really quick - ended Vaclav Milik.

The second round of the TAURON Speedway Euro Championship 2020 will be held in Bydgoszcz , 8th July. The meeting will start at 7 PM. Tickets for this event are available via For fans who can not appear on the stands, the meeting will be broadcasted by Eurosport.

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Danes with the biggest amount of points in TAURON SEC 2020

The Danes scored the most points in last year's Individual European Championship series. Poland and Russia also have made it to the podium.

2013-2020 SEC Summary: Czech Republic

If we look at the performances of the Czech representatives in the Speedway Euro Championship in 2013-2020, the name of Václav Milík comes to the fore. This rider defended the colors of his country six times, fighting for the title of the best in Europe and he has been doing it continuously since 2015. He achieved the best results in the second half of the decade, when he finished with winning two medals – silver and bronze. In six seasons Poland's southern neighbours had one representative in the SEC cycle, in 2018 it was two riders and in 2014 there was no Czech among the regular participants.

2013-2020 SEC Summary: Sweden

 During eight years of struggling as part of the Speedway Euro Championship, it means since the competition for the title of the best rider in Europe has been organized by One Sport, representatives of the Sweden team haven’t achieved any spectacular success. Riders from this country have gained only one bronze medal and this situation took place in the 2015 season.

The dates and locations of next year's European Speedway Championships are revealed

The Individual European Champion 2021 competition will run from 1st May until 10th July. The European Motorcycle Federation (FIM Europe) has published a makeshift calendar for the next season.

Closer look at TAURON SEC 2020

The TAURON SEC season in the year 2020 was more than unique. The series provided us with many emotions and a few special events, which are worth to mention after all. Speedway enthusiasts probably took notice of many details that we have not experienced in previous years or might come to conclusion, that in some cases history likes to repeat itself. Let's take a closer look at this year’s Individual European Championship competition.

Michelsen: I wasn't meant to win

Mikkel Michelsen took fourth place in this year's TAURON Speedway Euro Championship series. Before the start of the competition, The Dane announced the fight to defend his title he won a year ago, but less successful tournaments in Rybnik, Gniezno and Toruń crossed out his chances for final victory.

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