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The TAURON SEC season in the year 2020 was more than unique. The series provided us with many emotions and a few special events, which are worth to mention after all. Speedway enthusiasts probably took notice of many details that we have not experienced in previous years or might come to conclusion, that in some cases history likes to repeat itself. Let's take a closer look at this year’s Individual European Championship competition.

 - For the first time in history the rivalry was composed of five rounds.

- For the first time the TAURON SEC series was held entirely within one country. We competed only in Poland due to the coronavirus pandemic

- None of the Poles, which took part as a regular participant in the series, stood on the podium of any of the tournaments. The exception was Bartosz Zmarzlik, who received a wild card for the round in Rybnik.

- For the first time in history, a rider from Finland stood on the podium in one of the TAURON SEC's rounds. That was Timo Lahti who was second in Gniezno and third in Toruń.

- Leon Madsen won three tournaments in a row. Nobody has ever achieved it before.

- Robert Lambert is the first Individual European Champion from Great Britain since the series was organized by One Sport

- Leon Madsen has won a medal each time in the last three seasons. He started with gold in 2018, then reached for bronze and this year he added silver to his collection.

- Grigorij Laguta won three medals in TAURON SEC’s history. The Russian got two bronze and one silver medal in 2019

- The second round of TAURON SEC 2020 was Bydgoszcz's first international meeting after opening the new stand

- Three regular participants of the Grand Prix cycle - Bartosz Zmarzlik, Patryk Dudek and Emil Sayfutdinov - took part in the Tauron SEC 2020 series as wild cards.

- Robert Lambert is the youngest European champion in the history of the TAURON SEC. He is 22.

- The most numerous group of regular participants in the Tauron SEC 2020 series were Danes - there were four of them.

- For the first time in history, the opening and closing rounds of the cycle took place in the same city.

- Bartosz Zmarzlik, who started as a wild card in two rounds, outpointed five regular participants in the general classification of the cycle

- Five countries had one representative each in as a permanent participant of the cycle - Finland, Sweden, France, Czech Republic and Germany.

- Just like in 2019, the series was extended by additional heats. This time, riders fought for the fifth place which entitled them to stay in the series for the next season.

- Leon Madsen won rounds in Toruń, Bydgoszcz and Rybnik. In the first two, he made his way to the finals through the 'last chance' heat.

- The final race in Gniezno was the only one, were Danes were not present

- The European Champion, Robert Lambert appeared on the track 28 times. He won 16 races, which is two more than Leon Madsen

- Bartosz Smektała took fifth place in the cycle for the second time in a row, which ensured his participation in next year's edition.

- Robert Lambert made his SEC debut at the track in Gniezno in 2018. In the same place he won and took the lead in the Tauron SEC 2020 series.

- The new European champion arrived at the finish line as fourth only once during the whole Tauron SEC 2020 cycle.

- Out of the tracks where Tauron SEC 2020 tournaments were held, only Rybnik hosts an PGE Ekstraliga speedway club.

- Timo Lahti is the only rider who stood on the podium during the competition which was held at his polish home track. He's a Start Gniezno rider.

- Number 3 suits to Grigorij Laguta. The Russian took third place in general classification and stood three times on the podium.

- In his championship season, Mikkel Michelsen scored 45 points during 4 rounds of TAURON SEC 2020. This time, the Dane scored 46 points, but during 5 rounds.

- The German Kai Huckenbeck also improved by a point compared to the previous season. He won 24 points in the 2019 campaign, now he has 25 points on his account.

Same as Michelsen, Kai Huckenbeck increased his result by a point compared to the previous season.

Although every tournament was held in Poland, not every wild card rider was a Pole. Emil Sayfutdinov received a wild card for the meeting in Bydgoszcz, where he’s a local hero.

SEC News
Pedersen becomes permanent participant of SEC 2021

Three-time Individual World Champion and 2016 Individual European Champion, Nicki Pedersen will appear in the Speedway Euro Championship 2021 as a permanent participant. The Dane will replace Grigory Laguta.

Swedes aiming to return to TAURON SEC

 Many Scandinavians will remember 5 August 2017 as the last time SEC series visited Sweden. But for riders that were there that night in Hallstavik, home of Rospiggarna, there is just the one thing that stands out - the weather.

Gdańsk will host the third round of SEC 2021

Gdańsk will host the best speedway riders of Europe during the third round of Speedway Euro Championship 2021. The competition at the Zbigniew Podlecki Stadium will take place on July 3rd.


The Danish Motor Union has announced that it will have a national qualifying competition for the SEC and SGP prior to the domestic season starting in the country. The qualifier will take place on 14 April at Korskro Motorcentrum, the home of Esbjerg Vikings, who have experienced riders like Nils Kristian Iversen in their squad for the 2021 season.

SEC 2021 – The host cities are announced

Bydgoszcz, Güstrow, Rybnik and a still kept secret fourth city will host this year’s Speedway Euro Championship tournament. This time, 4 rounds will be completed within only 28 days.

2013-2020 SEC Summary: Denmark

Denmark is the most successful in the history of the Speedway Euro Championship series in 2013-2020. Riders from this country won nine medals and stood on the podium in almost every edition – in seven of them. Danes won three times the Individual European Championship in the SEC series, they won silver medals four times and bronze twice. Four representatives of this country competed for the title of the best rider in Europe in four seasons, there were three of them on the list of regular participants in 2014, 2015 and 2018 and in 2013 it was two names.

TAURON SEC 2020 Round 5: Toruń
TAURON SEC 2020 Round 3: Gniezno
TAURON SEC 2020 Round 4: Rybnik
TAURON SEC 2020 Round 2: Bydgoszcz
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