Jarosław Hampel won in Toruń

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 Jarosław Hampel, started as a wild card, won first Speedway European Championship round on Motoarena in Toruń. Second was Vaclav Milik and third Andrei Lebedev.

 Weather in Toruń wasn’t well today. Riders was on Motoarena very early to took part in official training, but organizers had to cancelled it due to rainfall. Fortunatelly, track was well enough to start competition at 19:00. Finally, fans watched exciting show.

First heat had shown, how important Speedway European Championship really is for riders. Grigorij Laguta, who stood on second gate, couldn’t stand the pressure and broke the tape. Therefore, Paweł Przedpełski had a chance to start in his hometown in SEC. Finally, he finished the race second, behind Artiom Laguta. In heat 3, fans saw beautiful fight between Andreas Jonsson and Przemysław Pawlicki whose rate were two points. On the finish line Swede was better, but referee had to check it on TV replays. Unfortunately, first set wasn’t successful for Martin Smolinski. German won the start, but in the field all rivals overtook him.

Second set divided riders to two groups – those who will fight for the win, and those who didn’t find optimal setups on Motoarena. Jarosław Hampel and Valclav Milik remained without a single fail; they were the fastest guys on the start and first corner. Mateusz Szczepaniak had a lot of speed too and he showed it in fight against Przemysław Pawlicki. Maybe if Szczepaniak hadn’t made a mistake on second turn, he could have overtaken “Przemo”. But in reality, he had passed from 4th to 2nd position - an example how fast are his father’s engines.
A controversial situation had taken place in heat 9, when Vaclav Milik fell on third lap. When everybody thought that Milik won’t be part of repeated heat, Christian Froschauer, the referee, decided to exclude Artiom Laguta. Russian tried to protest, but his calls didn’t change anything.

In heat 13 there was a dangerous accident. After a contact with Przemysław Pawlicki and Andrei Lebedev, Nicolai Klindt hit the band on straight bike. Ambulance came to the track and took Dane to the hospital. In heat 16, Andreas Jonsson and Przemysław Pawlicki fought an exciting duel. Swede was attacking Pole for 4 laps and finally passed him on the last corner.

In extra heat Vaclav Milik and Andrrei Lebedev were unrivaled. Grigorij Laguta and Andreas Jonsson hadn’t any chance to overtook them. In final, except Czech and Latvian, Przemysław Pawlicki and Jarosław Hampel took part. Finally, “Mały” won main race of the night and the whole competition.

I roundSpeedway Euro Championship, Motoarena Toruń:
1. Jarosław Hampel (#16) (Poland) 14 (3,3,0,3,2,3)
2. Vaclav Milik (#13) (Czech Rep.) 12 (3,3,2,2,0,2)
3. Andzejs Lebedevs (#129) (Latvia) 11 (2,3,3,1,1,1)
4. Przemysław Pawlicki (#59) (Poland) 10 (1,3,3,0,3,0)
5. Grigorij Laguta (#2) (Russia) 9 (t,1,2,3,3)
6. Andreas Jonsson (#100) (Sweden) 10 (2,1,2,3,2)
7. Krzysztof Kasprzak (#507) (Poland) 9 (3,2,1,2,1)
8. Mateusz Szczepaniak (#58) (Poland) 9 (2,2,1,1,3)
9. Artem Laguta (#7) (Russia) 8 (3,2,w/su,3,u/w)
10. Kenneth Bjerre (#91) (Denmark) 8 (1,0,3,1,3)
11. Andrey Kudryashov (#9) (Russia) 7 (1,1,3,1,1)
12. Kacper Gomólski (#44) (Poland) 6 (1,2,1,0,2)
13. Leon Madsen (#66) (Denmark) 5 (0,0,1,2,2)
14. Paweł Przedpełski (Poland) 2 (2,0)
15. Szymon Woźniak (Poland) 2 (2)
16. Martin Smolinski (#84) (Germany) 2 (0,0,2,0,0)
17. Mikkel Bech (#177) (Denmark) 2 (0,1,0,0,1)
18. Nicolai Klindt (#29) (Denmark) 0 (0,0,0,-,-)

1. (61,40) A.Laguta, P.Przedpełski, K.Bjerre, M.Bech
2. (61,34) J.Hampel, M.Szczepaniak, K.Gomólski, N.Klindt
3. (61,43) V.Milik, A. Jonsson, P.Pawlicki, L.Madsen
4. (61,75) K.Kasprzak, A.Lebedevs, A.Kudryashov, M. Smolinski
5. (61,68) J.Hampel, A.Laguta, A.Jonssn, M.Smolinski
6. (61,68) A.Lebedevs, K.Gomólski, G.Laguta, L.Madsen
7. (61,81) V.Milik, K.Kasprzak, M.Bech, N.Klindt
8. (61,59) P.Pawlicki, M.Szczepaniak, A.Kudryashov, K.Bjerre
9. (00,00) A.Kudryashov, V.Milik, K.Gomólski, A.Laguta (w/su)
10. (61,50) P.Pawlicki, G.Laguta, K.Kasprzak, J.Hampel
11. (61,22) A.Lebedevs, A.Jonsson, M.Szczepaniak, M.Bech
12. (61,44) K.Bjerre, M.Smolinski, L.Madsen, N.Klindt
13. (61,07) A.Laguta, Sz.Woźniak, A.Lebedevs, P.Pawlicki
14. (60,81) G.Laguta, V.Milik, M.Szczepaniak, M.Smolinski
15. (61,09) J.Hampel, L.Madsen, A.Kudryashov, M.Bech
16. (61,62) A.Jonsson, K.Kasprzak, K.Bjerre, K.Gomólski
17. (61,00) M. Szczepaniak, L.Madsen, K.Kasprzak, A.Laguta (u/w)
18. (61,15) G.Laguta, A.Jonsson, A.Kudryashov, P.Przedpełski
19. (61,68) P.Pawlicki, K.Gomólski, M.Bech, M.Smolinski
20. (61,44) K.Bjerre, J.Hampel, A.Lebedevs, V.Milik
21. (61,50) V.Milik, A.Lebedevs, G. Laguta, A.Jonsson
22. (61,03) J.Hampel, V.Milik, A.Lebedevs, P.Pawlicki

SEC News
New date of SEC Final Round has been announced

 New date of the SEC Final Round has been announced. This year's fight for the Individual European Champion title will be settled in Lublin, 14th of October, 6.30 PM CET.

SEC Final postponed again

Due to weather conditions, heavy rain today and also the forecast for tomorrow, where heavy rain is also predicted, the jury of FIM Europe decided in interest of safety, to postpone the meeting in Lublin. The track will not be ready for racing at tomorrow's evening.

SEC final postponed to Monday

 According to jury’s decision, including members of FIM Europe, Saturday’s final of the Individual European Championship has been cancelled. It is scheduled to be held on Monday, 18th of September, 8 PM CET.

Practice in Lublin cancelled

 Official practice before the big final of Speedway Euro Championship is official canceled by the Jury decision. Right now in Lublin is raining and FIM Europe Jury made decision, that no risk is needed. 

More info later. 

After two series, everything can change

 4 points is not a lot. After two series of starts, Andzejs Lebedevs can no longer be Speedway Euro Championship's leader. Vaclav Milik is right behind Latvian and there are many arguments, which can lead Czech rider to the European title. One of them is a fact that in their direct clashes, it was Lebedevs watching Czech's back more often.

Who will become the new European Champion?

 It's this Saturday, 16th of September in Lublin, when the final round of Speedway Euro Championship will be held. We will meet the new European Champion at the stadium of Motor Lublin.

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