DAUGAVPILS, 06.08.2016 18:00


Lokomotive Stadions
Jelgavas iela 54, Daugavpils, LV-5404,
GPS Data
N55°52'44.04" E26°32'42.72"
66.01 Grigorij Laguta
Heat 3 PTS 2 PTS 1 PTS 0 PTS
1 A. Thomsen        M. Vaculik        J. Kylmaekorpi        H. Andersen       
2 J. Kołodziej        K. Kasprzak        V. Milik        P. Ljung       
3 L. Madsen        M. Bogdanovs        P. Pawlicki        E. Sayfutdinov       
4 G. Laguta        A. Lebedevs        N. Pedersen        A. Lindbaeck       
5 M. Bogdanovs        A. Thomsen        A. Lindbaeck        K. Kasprzak       
6 G. Laguta        L. Madsen        J. Kołodziej        M. Vaculik       
7 P. Pawlicki        J. Kylmaekorpi        A. Lebedevs        P. Ljung       
8 E. Sayfutdinov        N. Pedersen        V. Milik        H. Andersen       
9 P. Pawlicki        A. Thomsen        N. Pedersen        J. Kołodziej       
10 E. Sayfutdinov        A. Lebedevs        K. Kasprzak        M. Vaculik       
11 J. Kylmaekorpi        M. Bogdanovs        V. Milik        G. Laguta       
12 A. Lindbaeck        H. Andersen        L. Madsen        P. Ljung       
13 G. Laguta        E. Sayfutdinov        P. Ljung        A. Thomsen       
14 V. Milik        P. Pawlicki        A. Lindbaeck         
15 J. Kylmaekorpi        N. Pedersen        L. Madsen        K. Kasprzak       
16 H. Andersen        A. Lebedevs        M. Bogdanovs        J. Kołodziej       
17 V. Milik        A. Thomsen        L. Madsen         
18 M. Bogdanovs        M. Vaculik        P. Ljung         
19 J. Kylmaekorpi        A. Lindbaeck        E. Sayfutdinov        J. Kołodziej       
20 H. Andersen        K. Kasprzak        G. Laguta        P. Pawlicki       
21 G. Laguta        E. Sayfutdinov        P. Pawlicki        V. Milik       
22 G. Laguta        J. Kylmaekorpi        E. Sayfutdinov         
Field 3 PTS 2 PTS 1 PTS 0 PTS
1 43% 29% 19% 10%
2 14% 33% 38% 14%
3 29% 19% 33% 19%
4 19% 24% 14% 43%

Name: Lokomotive Daugavpils
Phone: +(371) 654-38807
Website: lokomotive.lv
Email: speedway-loko@inbox.lv

Name: LaMSF - Latvijas Motosporta Federācija
Phone: 29441380
E-mail: moto@lamsf.lv

Sākumlapa - Riga International Airport
Address: Mārupe, LV-1053, Łotwa
Phone: +371 29 311 187
Website: riga-airport.com
Distance: 240 km


Vilnius International Airport
Address: Rodūnios kl. 10A, Vilnius 02189, Litwa
Phone: +370 5 230 6666
Website: vilnius-airport.lt/en/
Distance: 180 km


Kaunas Airport
Website: kaunas-airport.lt
Address: Oro uosto st. 4, Karmėlava 54460, Litwa
Phone: +370 37 399307
Distance: 200 km


 Daugavpils is a second largest city of Latvia, capitol and a science, industrial and cultural center of Latgale. In 1956, left coast city called Grzywa was added. Daugavpils doesn't have an old town - most of it was ruined and destroyed because of building the fortress. The oldest buildings in the city are: Russian fortress (XIX century), which was built mainly out of materials taken from demolished buildings from the old town. The most representative street of the city is Ryska street, running from the train station up to the river. Next to it, there are town houses (from XIX century and beginnings of XX), St. Peter's church (1848), set of restaurants, hotels, banks and expensive shops.



Many sacral objects dedicated to different religions are worh seeing in Daugavpils, including synagogue from 1850 and Orthodox church council of St. Boris and Gleb. There is also a theatre, a zoo and many different buildings representing art noveau style from XIX and XX century.

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