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OSTRÓW WIELKOPOLSKI, 19.09.2015 19:00


Stadion Miejski
Piłsudskiego 64, 63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski
GPS Data
N51° 38' 35.3038", E17° 49' 17.6827"
63.05, Robert Miśkowiak
Heat 3 PTS 2 PTS 1 PTS 0 PTS
1 M. Szczepaniak        E. Sayfutdinov        P. Pawlicki        G. Laguta       
2 M. Vaculik        P. Kildemand        V. Milik        M. Smolinski       
3 J. Kołodziej        N. Pedersen        H. Andersen         
4 A. Lindbaeck        P. Protasiewicz        T. Jędrzejak        A. Laguta       
5 M. Szczepaniak        P. Kildemand        J. Kołodziej        T. Jędrzejak       
6 H. Andersen        A. Laguta        E. Sayfutdinov        V. Milik       
7 N. Pedersen        G. Laguta        M. Vaculik        P. Protasiewicz       
8 A. Lindbaeck        P. Pawlicki        P. Pawlicki        M. Smolinski       
9 A. Lindbaeck        N. Pedersen        M. Szczepaniak        V. Milik       
10 E. Sayfutdinov        P. Protasiewicz        P. Kildemand        P. Pawlicki       
11 J. Kołodziej        A. Laguta        M. Smolinski        G. Laguta       
12 P. Pawlicki        M. Vaculik        H. Andersen        T. Jędrzejak       
13 A. Laguta        P. Pawlicki        M. Vaculik        M. Szczepaniak       
14 E. Sayfutdinov        N. Pedersen        T. Jędrzejak        M. Smolinski       
15 A. Lindbaeck        G. Laguta        P. Kildemand        H. Andersen       
16 P. Pawlicki        J. Kołodziej        P. Protasiewicz        V. Milik       
17 H. Andersen        M. Szczepaniak        M. Smolinski        P. Protasiewicz       
18 A. Lindbaeck        M. Vaculik        J. Kołodziej         
19 P. Pawlicki        G. Laguta        V. Milik         
20 N. Pedersen        P. Pawlicki        P. Kildemand        A. Laguta       
21 P. Pawlicki        J. Kołodziej        M. Szczepaniak         
22 N. Pedersen        J. Kołodziej        A. Lindbaeck        P. Pawlicki       
Field 3 PTS 2 PTS 1 PTS 0 PTS
1 18% 27% 36% 18%
2 41% 18% 14% 23%
3 23% 27% 18% 27%
4 18% 27% 32% 14%

Name: Żużlowy Klub Sportowy Ostrovia Ostrow Wielkopolski
Phone: 0048 790 330 331

Polski Związek Motorowy
Phone: +48-22-849-93-61

Poznań - Ławica
Distance: 140 km


Wrocław - Strachowice
Distance: 110 km

1. Nicki Pedersen #3 (2,3,2,2,3,3) 15
2. Janusz Kołodziej #27 (3,1,3,2,1,2) 12
3. Antonio Lindbaeck #85 (3,3,3,3,3,1) 16

 Ostrów Wielkopolski with more than 72 thousand inhabitants is an important economic, educational, cultural and sporting centre of southern Greater Poland. It is located approx. 100 km from Poznań, Wrocław and Łódź. Ostrów Wielkopolski, through various forms of business support becomes more and more attractive in terms of investments.

The city is open to those who are interested in the economic sphere, as well as those who seek rest, cultural experience and sporting emotions. The climate downtown with Market Square and nearby streets - create a unique atmosphere here. On a particularly rich cultural offer can count in Ostrow Wielkopolski lovers of artistic impressions.

An important landmark of the city is a sport. Many thousands of fans have: a basketball team, handball team, athletes, local speedway team, Ostrovia and many more. For supporters of active leisure are waiting numerous attractions, too (among others Rope Adventure Park, wakeboarding) in the Sport and Recreation Centre Piaski-Szczygliczka situated at the water reservoir.


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