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Pedersen wins the first round!

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 Nicki Pedersen won the first round of Speedway European Championships in Gustrow. On the podium were also Peter Kildemand and Janusz Kołodziej. 

1. Nicki Pedersen (Denmark) - 14 (2,2,3,3,1,3)
2. Peter Kildemand (Denmark) - 11 (0,3,3,0,3,2)
3. Janusz Kołodziej (Poland) - 14 (3,3,2,2,3,1)
4. Tomasz Gollob (Poland) - 9 (3,1,1,1,3,0)
5. Emil Sajfutdinow (Russia) - 11 (1,3,2,3,2)
6. Andreas Jonsson (Sweden) - 9 (1,1,1,3,3)
7. Adrian Miedziński (Poland) - 9 (3,2,2,2,w)
8. Maksim Bogdanow (Latvia) - 8 (2,1,3,1,1)
9. Andrzej Lebiediew (Latvia) - 7 (2,2,2,1,0)
10. Martin Vaculik (Slovakia) - 7 (1,1,1,2,2)
11. Kenni Larsen (Denmark) - 6 (1,0,0,3,2)
12. Martin Smolinski (Germany) - 5 (0,3,0,0,2)
13. Jonas Davidsson (Sweden) - 5 (3,0,0,2,0)
14. Christian Hefenbrock (Germany) - 4 (0,0,3,d,1)
15. Patryk Dudek (Poland) - 4 (2,0,1,0,1)
16. Jurica Pavlic (Croatia) - 3 (t,2,0,1,0)
17. Kai Huckenbeck (Germany) - 0 (0)
18. Tobias Busch (Germany) - DNS

Heat after heat:
1. Gollob, Bogdanow, Vaculik, Hefenbrock
2. Kołodziej, Dudek, Larsen, Kildemand
3. Davidsson, Pedersen, Sajfutdinow, Smolinski
4. Miedziński, Lebiediew, Jonsson, Huckenbeck (Pavlic – t)
5. Smolinski, Miedziński, Vaculik, Larsen
6. Kołodziej, Lebiediew, Bogdanow, Davidsson
7. Kildemand, Pedersen, Jonsson, Hefenbrock
8. Sajfutdinow, Pavlic, Gollob, Dudek
9. Pedersen, Kołodziej, Vaculik, Pavlic
10. Bogdanow, Sajfutdinow, Jonsson, Larsen
11. Hefenbrock, Lebiediew, Dudek, Smolinski
12. Kildemand, Miedziński, Gollob, Davidsson
13. Sajfutdinow, Vaculik, Lebiediew, Kildemand
14. Pedersen, Miedziński, Bogdanow, Dudek
15. Larsen, Davidsson, Pavlic, Hefenbrock (ef)
16. Jonsson, Kołodziej, Gollob, Smolinski
17. Jonsson, Vaculik, Dudek, Davidsson
18. [Kildemand, Smolinski, Bogdanow, Pavlic
19. Kołodziej, Sajfutdinow, Hefenbrock, Miedziński (e)
20. Gollob, Larsen, Pedersen, Lebiediew

Race off:
21. Gollob, Kildemand, Sajfutdinow, Jonsson

22. Pedersen, Kildemand, Kołodziej, Gollob

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Final round of Individual Speedway European Championship will be held, once again at the Slaski Stadium in Chorzów (Poland). Organizers prepared some surprises, including a bargain when it comes to ticket prices. You can get yours, starting from 19 PLN!

Gajewski: We will make the appropriate changes

For the second year in a row, the final round of the Speedway Euro Championship will take place at the Silesian Stadium in Chorzów. After the positive reception of the competition by the riders and experts, the track builder intends to introduce changes that will make the spectators gathered in the stands will witness even bigger sports emotions.

Ticket sales for SEC Chorzów has started

 This one is gonna be a heck of a fun for the speedway fans. Once again, speedway is headed to Ślaski Stadium and from now on, you are able to get your tickets for this event. 28th of September, 6 PM CET is the exact date of the Speedway Euro Championship 2019 Final Round in Chorzów (Poland). What will attract the fans? Price for sure...starting from 19 PLN.

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