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Amazing Sayfutdinov in Togliatti

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 Emil Sayfutdinov was the best in second round Speedway European Championship. Russian rider gained in Togliatti thirteen points. Second was Nicki Pedersen from Denmark and third Grigory Laguta. In general classification Emil Sayfutdinov has 27 points, three more than second Pedersen.

1. Emil Sayfutdinov (Russia) - (3,2,2,2,1,3) 13
2. Nicki Pedersen (Denmark) - (1,2,2,3,2,2) 12
3. Grigory Laguta (Russia) - (3,2,3,3,3,1) 15
4. Tai Woffinden (Great Britain) - (1,3,3,3,2,0) 12
5. Martin Vaculik (Slovakia) - (3,1,3,0,3) 10
6. Artem Laguta (Russia) - (2,3,2,2,3) 12
7. Tomasz Gollob (Poland) - (r,r,3,3,3) 9
8. Fredrik Lindgren (Sweden) - (3,3,1,1,1) 9
9. Hans Andersen (Denmark) - (2,3,1,1,2) 9
10. Maciej Janowski (Poland) - (0,1,2,2,2) 7
11. Jurica Pavlic (Croatia) - (2,2,0,2,1) 7
12. Vitaly Belousov (Russia) - (2,1,0,0,0) 3
13. Roman Povazhny (Russia) - (1,1,1,0,0) 3
14. Oleg Beschastnov (Russia) - (1,1,0) 2
15. Andriej Karpov (Ukraine) - (0,0,0,1,f/-) 1
16. Ales Dryml (Czech) - (t,0,0,1,x) 1
17. Daniil Ivanov (Russia) - (0,0,1) 1
18. Kjastas Puodżuks (Latwia) - (x,-,-,-,-) 0

Heat for heat:
1. Vaculik, Belousov, Beschastnov, Dryml (t), Puodżuks (fx)
2. Lindgren, Andersen, Pedersen, Janowski
3. Sayfutdinov, A. Laguta, Povazhny, Karpov
4. G. Laguta, Pavlic, Woffinden, Gollob (r)
5. Andersen, G. Laguta, Povazhny, Ivanov
6. A. Laguta, Pedersen, Vaculik, Gollob (r)
7. Lindgren, Pavlic, Belousov, Karpov
8. Woffinden, Sayfutdinov, Janowski, Dryml
9. Woffinden, Pedersen, Beschastnov, Karpov
10. Vaculik, Sayfutdinov, Andersen, Pavlic
11. Gollob, Janowski, Povazhny, Belousov
12. G. Laguta, A. Laguta, Lindgren, Dryml
13. Gollob, Sayfutdinov, Lindgren, Ivanov
14. G. Laguta, Janowski, Karpov, Vaculik
15. Woffinden, A. Laguta, Andersen, Belousov
16. Pedersen, Pavlic, Dryml, Povazhny
17. A. Laguta, Janowski, Pavlic, Beschastnov
18. Vaculik, Woffinden, Lindgren, Povazhny
19. G. Laguta, Pedersen, Sayfutdinov, Belousov
20. Gollob, Andersen, Ivanov, Dryml (fx), Karpov (f/-)

Last chance heat:
21. Pedersen (D), Sajffutdinow (C), Vaculik (B), A. Laguta (A)

22. Sayfutdinov (D), Pedersen (B), G. Laguta (A), Woffinden (C)

SEC News
Martin Smolinski will start in SEC Challenge

Collision of dates of SEC Challenge and qualifications to Individual Speedway Junior World Championship made Dominik Kubera resign from his performance in Nagyhalasz. He will be replaced by Martin Smolinski.

Full line up of SEC Challenge 2019 revealed

Qualification rounds in Poznań, Gorican, Krsko and Rivne gave us the names of fifteen riders, who are going to take part in the last stage of qualifications to Individual Speedway European Championship 2019. SEC Challenge is planned on May 25th in Nagyhalasz (Hungary).

Get your tickets for SEC qualifications in Poznań

On April 27th, at Golęcin track in Poznań, second qualifying round to SEC Challenge 2019 will be held. Starting list include riders of local club - Power Duck Iveston PSŻ Poznań.

Speedway Euro Championship: Did you know that...?

We are only days away from the start of Individual Speedway European Championship. Final round of SEC will be held on September 28th in Chorzów, which fires the riders' imagination even more and works as a magnet. However, before first riders will fight for spots in SEC Challenge on April 27th, it would be good to get to know some interesting facts about SEC series.

Argentinian will fight for SEC spot

Qualifiactions to this year's Speedway Euro Championship are right around the corner. At the end of April, riders will start their rivalry at several tracks in Europe, having a clear goal ahead - to go through to SEC Challenge, which is planned on May 25th in Nagyhalasz (Hungary). Fans' eyes will surely be turned to Rivne, where... Argentinan with a Spanish license - Facundo Albin will have his start.

SEC is an integral part of Motoarena

 - It is difficult to imagine the organization of the most important speedway events elsewhere than on Motoarena - with these words a press conference on the second round of the Speedway Euro Championship 2019 began, which will take place in Toruń on 27 July. The fans will witness not only great racing, but also many attractions related to the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the creation of Motoarena.

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