Gniezno, 23.06.2018 19:00


Stadion Miejski
Wrzesińska 25, 62-200 Gniezno
GPS Data
52°31’18.144″N 17°35’49.407″E
61,82 Antonio Lindbäck
Heat 3 PTS 2 PTS 1 PTS 0 PTS
1 A. Jonsson        L. Madsen        R. Chmiel        E. Sayfutdinov       
2 J. Hampel        P. Kildemand        V. Milik        N. Krakowiak       
3 A. Gała        A. Kudryashov        K. Huckenbeck        J. Franc       
4 A. Lindbaeck        P. Pawlicki        M. Michelsen        A. Lebedevs       
5 K. Huckenbeck        P. Kildemand        A. Lebedevs        A. Jonsson       
6 P. Pawlicki        K. Kasprzak        L. Madsen        A. Gała       
7 A. Lindbaeck        V. Milik        E. Sayfutdinov        J. Franc       
8 J. Hampel        R. Lambert        M. Michelsen        A. Kudryashov       
9 M. Michelsen        K. Kasprzak        A. Jonsson        J. Franc       
10 A. Lindbaeck        A. Kudryashov        L. Madsen        P. Kildemand       
11 J. Hampel        E. Sayfutdinov        P. Pawlicki        K. Huckenbeck       
12 A. Lebedevs        V. Milik        R. Lambert        A. Gała       
13 V. Milik        A. Jonsson        P. Pawlicki        A. Kudryashov       
14 L. Madsen        J. Hampel        A. Lebedevs        J. Franc       
15 P. Kildemand        M. Michelsen        E. Sayfutdinov        A. Gała       
16 K. Huckenbeck        A. Lindbaeck        K. Kasprzak        R. Lambert       
17 J. Hampel        A. Gała        A. Jonsson        A. Lindbaeck       
18 K. Huckenbeck        M. Michelsen        L. Madsen        V. Milik       
19 K. Kasprzak        E. Sayfutdinov        A. Kudryashov        A. Lebedevs       
20 R. Lambert        P. Pawlicki        P. Kildemand        J. Franc       
21 K. Huckenbeck        M. Michelsen        P. Kildemand         
22 J. Hampel        A. Lindbaeck        K. Huckenbeck        M. Michelsen       
Field 3 PTS 2 PTS 1 PTS 0 PTS
1 55% 27% 14% 5%
2 18% 18% 36% 27%
3 5% 18% 27% 45%
4 23% 36% 18% 14%

  Gnieznienskie Towarzystwo Motorowe START
Phone: +48 61 666 9 666


Polski Związek Motorowy
ul. Kazimierzowska 66
PL 02-518 Warszawa
Phone: +48-22-849-93-61


Poznań - Ławica Airport
Distance: 67 km

  According to a legendary tale, name of this city comes from Polish word "gniazdo" (nest) and it's related to a legend about rising up Poland as a state. Gniezno, just like Rome was built on seven hills. Lech Hill is the biggest one in the city - cathedral, ancient castle with chapel were built there.

The biggest historical treasure is The Royal Gniezno Cathedral with famous Gniezno Door presenting life of St. Adalbert, his silver relic coffin and two gothic portals. Moreover, the main nave of cathedral is surrounded by fourteen chapels, where former archbishops were burried. List of the monuments includes also the train station at Winiary (built between 1887-1894) or Old Town Hall (1830) with the main square. Near the main train station, there's also a neo-gothic post from 1890 and neo-renessaince City Hall from 1899.


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