Pawlicki: I want to be the leader

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Piotr Pawlicki successfully returned to the SEC series. In Bydgoszcz, the Polish representative took second place, but in the interim classification he’s the leader due to the highest number of points scored.

Before the competition in Bydgoszcz, not many would point out Piotr Pawlicki as one of the main candidates for the victory. The Pole presented a great form the day before (Tuesday) in the Swedish league, where he scored 14 points and a bonus in six starts.

- Yesterday (Tuesday) during the competition in Sweden I used a new engine. Recently I had a problem to "get along" with my engines, so I had to make some changes. Fortunately, it worked out. I hope this is the way to better and better results. It was difficult for me to find myself in a situation where I was scoring three points each in league matches - I haven't had such a bad period in my career.

From the beginning of the competition in Bydgoszcz, Pawlicki impressed with his starts, thanks to which he was in the lead already at the first turn of the race. His high score allowed him and Mikkel Michelsen to advance directly to the final race. He took second place in the final race, only giving way to Leon Madsen in the re-run. As he points out, the final could have been different if he’d decide to make more radical changes to his setup.

- I made a mistake in the final race. Maybe not so much a technical one but more one with the optimal setup. Maybe I could have taken more risk but I was afraid to change the settings so much that I would lose the starting momentum, which was really well today. I think I won all my starts so I was able to score a lot of points. I will definitely draw the right conclusions from this competition.

It is a known fact, that Piotr Pawlicki is one of the most talented Polish riders. The Unia Leszno rider has won medals in the national championships and he won a round of the Grand Prix series. The Pole emphasizes that he wants to be a leader both in the teams he represents and in the Speedway Euro Championship cycle.

- After this weaker period, which I hope is behind me now, there is definitely something to be happy about. Everything around me - my team - is at a high level, that's why I have the right to think about being a leader of the teams in which I race, being a leader of the SEC series and returning to the Grand Prix. This performance gave me some peace of mind.

SEC News
Madsen: I have to finish the job

Leon Madsen became the 2022 Individual European Champion. In Pardubice, the Dane reached for his second TAURON SEC's gold and now has the same number of titles as Mikkel Michelsen and Emil Sayfutdinov.

Kołodziej: I hate tracks like this

Janusz Kołodziej won the silver medal of Individual European Championship. The representative of Poland came to Pardubice as the leader of the interim classification, but finished the series with only one point behind Leon Madsen.

Michelsen: It would be an easy excuse

Mikkel Michelsen grabbed the bronze medal of TAURON SEC 2022. The Dane was fighting with rivals, but also with pain caused by the leg injury. Despite this, he showed great character and stood up on the lowest step of the podium.

Leon Madsen is the new Champion

Leon Madsen is back on top. The Dane made up the loss to Janusz Kołodziej and grabbed the gold medal of the Individual European Championship. Silver went to Kołodziej, while bronze to Mikkel Michelsen.

The first time in Pardubice

The Grand Final of TAURON SEC will be held on September 23rd. The series will end in Pardubice, which will be the host of the IEC round for the first time in history.

The ultimate battle about the title

On September 23rd, in Pardubice we will know the Individual European Champion. There are a few main candidates to win, but in fact, we are going to witness the title battle between Janusz Kołodziej and Leon Madsen. Before the final round, the Dane is only points behind the Pole.

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