Smektala: Title is my goal

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Bartosz Smektała had another successful race day in Güstrow. This time, the Pole finished fourth during the 2nd final of the Speedway Euro Championship 2021. Thanks to his high score, the Polish representative still has a real chance of staying in the series.

After his weaker performance in Bydgoszcz, Smektała was far behind in the SEC 2021 interim classification. He started the competition in Güstrow with a win and in the following races he finished second five times. It was only in the final race that he had to cross the finish line behind his rivals. After all, Smektała finished fourth.

- I don't know if fourth place is lucky. For an athlete it's the worst place but looking at the points I scored - it's not bad. My performance in Bydgoszcz made everything difficult for me and it will be hard to catch up the lost points.

Despite the fourth place in the final, there are also many positives - Smektała scored 11 points, thanks to which he advanced to the eighth place in the interim classification of the cycle. He now loses five points to the safe fifth place.

- I'm glad that I moved up in the interim classification. The most important thing is where I'll be at the end of the cycle. I'm racing for the European Championships and that's my goal. I must admit that I'm a little unsatisfied with my attempt in Güstrow.

The next round of the Individual European Championships is just around the corner. Gdańsk will host the Saturday round of the Speedway Euro Championship. The specific character of the local track is not to everyone's liking, however Smektała emphasizes that he will be fully prepared for the upcoming competition.

- It's a difficult track, I'm sure I'll be prepared 100%. I hope that the competition in Bydgoszcz was just a bad day at the office and I'll be able to maintain my form in the next rounds.

SEC News
Madsen: I have to finish the job

Leon Madsen became the 2022 Individual European Champion. In Pardubice, the Dane reached for his second TAURON SEC's gold and now has the same number of titles as Mikkel Michelsen and Emil Sayfutdinov.

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Janusz Kołodziej won the silver medal of Individual European Championship. The representative of Poland came to Pardubice as the leader of the interim classification, but finished the series with only one point behind Leon Madsen.

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Mikkel Michelsen grabbed the bronze medal of TAURON SEC 2022. The Dane was fighting with rivals, but also with pain caused by the leg injury. Despite this, he showed great character and stood up on the lowest step of the podium.

Leon Madsen is the new Champion

Leon Madsen is back on top. The Dane made up the loss to Janusz Kołodziej and grabbed the gold medal of the Individual European Championship. Silver went to Kołodziej, while bronze to Mikkel Michelsen.

The first time in Pardubice

The Grand Final of TAURON SEC will be held on September 23rd. The series will end in Pardubice, which will be the host of the IEC round for the first time in history.

The ultimate battle about the title

On September 23rd, in Pardubice we will know the Individual European Champion. There are a few main candidates to win, but in fact, we are going to witness the title battle between Janusz Kołodziej and Leon Madsen. Before the final round, the Dane is only points behind the Pole.

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