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Michelsen: It would be an easy excuse

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Mikkel Michelsen grabbed the bronze medal of TAURON SEC 2022. The Dane was fighting with rivals, but also with pain caused by the leg injury. Despite this, he showed great character and stood up on the lowest step of the podium.

The title defender came to Pardubice as the fourth in the interim classification, and his aim was to catch Patryk Dudek. From the beginning, Michelsen presented fantastic form, and won his first three heats in a row. The Dane took the second place after main phase and advanced directly to the final. In this, he was at the lead just from the start and not only won the meeting in Pardubice, but also reach the bronze medal of this year's series.

Michelsen stresses, that racing with the injury disturbed his plans, but finish the TAURON SEC series with medal is a great achievement.

- The last three months, but especially the last four weeks, were not easy for me. I'm still far from 100% fit, but luckily in the last 11 days I just rested, not using my foot at all. I've been able to recover a little bit and actually race without too much discomfort. To come here and win the meeting, get the bronze medal - all this makes it taste a little bit better, after a season which wasn't super great.

Looking at Mikkel's results we see, how unfortunate for him was the round in Łódź, where he scored six points. The Dane admits, his weaker performance at Moto Arena was caused not only by an injury, but also not the best choices of the rider.

- It would be easy to use it as an excuse. I was far from fully fit in Łódź, but also I didn't race good. I lost everything in Łódź, I know that.

In Pardubice, Michelsen impressed with the efficiency and speed, which led him to win his fourth TAURON SEC round in career.

- Pardubice is always the place where I enjoy racing. I haven't been here since 2015, but it's such a fun track to race, and I'm very happy to win the meeting.

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