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Kołodziej with the fastest race time

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Janusz Kołodziej became the author of the fastest race time of the third round of TAURON SEC, which took place in Bydgoszcz last Saturday. The Pole accomplished this achievement already in his first start.  

'Koldi' crossed the finish line of heat 2 with a time of 63.037s. The Pole defeated Andreas Lyager, Kacper Woryna and his main rival in the battle for SEC medals, namely Leon Madsen. For the silver medalist from last year, the competition in Bydgoszcz was going well, as his first position taken after the main phase of the meeting indicates. In the final heat, Kołodziej crossed the finish line behind his rivals, taking fourth place.


Leon Madsen crossed the finish line of heat 11 just four hundreths of a second later than Kołodziej in race 2. After an unsuccessful start to the competition, the Dane looked better and better with each race, which led him to record the second-fastest time of the day. At the end, Madsen grabbed his third victory in Bydgoszcz.


On the other hand, it was a less successful competition for Szymon Woźniak. The permanent participant of the FIM SGP 2024 series ended the struggle with six points, but he managed to achieve the third-best time of the day - 63.562.


Heat-winners times:

Heat 1 – Antonio Lindbäck (64.465 s.)

Heat 2 – Janusz Kołodziej (63.037 s.)

Heat 3 – Szymon Woźniak (63.562 s.)

Heat 4 – Andzejs Lebedevs  (63.841 s.)

Heat 5 – Antonio Lindbäck (64.492 s.)

Heat 6 – Janusz Kołodziej (64.134 s.)

Heat 7 – Dominik Kubera (63.691 s.)

Heat 8 – Mikkel Michelsen  (63.821 s.)

Heat 9 – Janusz Kołodziej (64.283 s.)

Heat 10 – Kacper Woryna (64.735 s.)

Heat 11 – Leon Madsen (63.457 s.)

Heat 12 – Mikkel Michelsen (64.334 s.)

Heat 13 – Andreas Lyager (65.211 s.)

Heat 14 – Leon Madsen (64.170 s.)

Heat 15 – Kai Huckenbeck (64.356 s.)

Heat 16 – Janusz Kołodziej (63.577 s.)

Heat 17 – Leon Madsen (64.077 s.)

Heat 19 – Kai Huckenbeck (64.211 s.)

Heat 20 – Mikkel Michelsen (64.092 s.)

Heat 21 – Leon Madsen (63.824 s.)

Heat 22 – Leon Madsen (63.842 s.)

The title sponsor of the cycle is TAURON Polska Energia 

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Starting list:

1. Dominik Kubera #415 (Poland)
2. Janusz Kołodziej #333 (Poland)
Vaclav Milik #225 (Czech Republic)
Antonio Lindbäck #85 (Sweden)
5. Andzejs Lebedevs #129 (Latvia)
6. Leon Madsen #30 (Denmark)
7. Kacper Woryna #223 (Poland)
8. Grzegorz Zengota #29 (Poland)
9. Mikkel Michelsen #155 (Denmark)
10. Jan Kvech #201 (Czech Republic)
11. Dimitri Berge #98 (France)
12. Kai Huckenbeck #744 (Germany)
13. Andreas Lyager #114 (Denmark)
14. Adam Ellis #299 (Great 
15. Patryk Dudek #692 (Poland)
16. Petr Chlupáč #16 (Czech Republic)

17. Hynek Štichauer (Czech Republic)
18. Matouš Kameník (Czech Republic)

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Max Fricke will participate with a "wild card" during the second round of the TAURON Speedway Euro Championship 2024, which will take place on July 20 in Grudziądz. The inclusion of the Australian in the European Championship is an unusual situation, but the organizers are confident that this choice will bring positive results.

Blödorn with sixth position in Speedway of Nations 2

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Seven regular participants of TAURON SEC 2024 will compete in the final of the FIM Speedway of Nations, which will take place this coming Saturday. On Wednesday, the second semifinal of the competition took place, with the Danes emerging victorious. 

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This week, the FIM Speedway of Nations finals are taking place at the track in Manchester. The first semi-final tournament, which was held on Tuesday, was won by the Swedes.

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