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Huckenbeck: I will try everything

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The final round of the competition will be held in Pardubice on the upcoming Friday, with Kai Huckenbeck looking to get closer to fulfilling his goal of staying in the series for next year.

The German finished the third round of TAURON SEC 2023, which was held in Bydgoszcz in fifth place. Huckenbeck scored 10 already in the main phase of the meeting, and it would have been even more if not failure that happened to him in the third start. Despite this, German confidently advanced to the 'last chance' race, in which after a spectacular battle in the distance with Leon Madsen he finally took third place. Is he satisfied with his disposition?

- I was happy about my performance in Bydgoszcz. Even if I wanted to be in the final or on the podium, it was a successful meeting for me - Hucki admits.


After three rounds of TAURON SEC 2023, the German is in seventh place in the interim classification. He is just four points short of a place in the top five, which guarantees a place in next year's series. Huckenbeck has a positive outlook on the future and believes he will be able to fulfill the goal he has set for himself. 


- I will try everything to get on the top five. It’s going to be tough, but nothing is impossible. I had some good results in Pardubice in the past, so hopefully I’ll do it again on Friday. It’s a great track - he said.


Recently, the German had the opportunity to compete in the round of the Individual World Championship, which took place in Vojens. Huckenbeck replaced the injured Maciej Janowski in it and finished the competition in twelfth position. According to the German, is it easier for riders to perform in events such as the FIM Speedway Grand Prix thanks to their starts in the TAURON SEC?


- Absolutely yes. Riding in the TAURON Speedway Euro Championship and events like the one in Bydgoszcz helps boost my confidence on the track. It's always a good opportunity for me. Even if my performance in the FIM SGP wasn't the best, I learned a lot - he concluded.


The title sponsor of the cycle is TAURON Polska Energia


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Starting list:

1. Dominik Kubera #415 (Poland)
2. Janusz Kołodziej #333 (Poland)
Vaclav Milik #225 (Czech Republic)
Antonio Lindbäck #85 (Sweden)
5. Andzejs Lebedevs #129 (Latvia)
6. Leon Madsen #30 (Denmark)
7. Kacper Woryna #223 (Poland)
8. Grzegorz Zengota #29 (Poland)
9. Mikkel Michelsen #155 (Denmark)
10. Jan Kvech #201 (Czech Republic)
11. Dimitri Berge #98 (France)
12. Kai Huckenbeck #744 (Germany)
13. Andreas Lyager #114 (Denmark)
14. Adam Ellis #299 (Great 
15. Patryk Dudek #692 (Poland)
16. Petr Chlupáč #16 (Czech Republic)

17. Hynek Štichauer (Czech Republic)
18. Matouš Kameník (Czech Republic)

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