Preview of SEC round 2021 in Güstrow

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The 2nd final of this year's Individual European Speedway Championship will take place on Saturday, June 26th in Güstrow, Germany. The organizers of the Speedway Euro Championship series have already reached an agreement with the local speedway club, MC Güstrow, several times and this year's tournament will be the sixth in the 9-year history of this competition.

Riders who make their debut at the oval in this city, sometimes have trouble adapting quickly to track conditions. All because the finish line is located a little behind the exit of the second curve. Under these circumstances, not everyone can fit in quickly. The first ever SEC-Round held on this track was won by Nicki Pedersen in July 2014. In the final race participants were also Peter Kildemand as the second, Janusz Kolodziej as third and Tomasz Gollob as fourth.

Two years later (2016) Martin Vaculik won the competition. However, the tournament was not fully conducted and all this due to increasing rainfall. In the end, it was decided to give up the finals and count the results after the main series. Janusz Kołodziej and Przemysław Pawlicki were therefore the biggest losers, because they took the top two places in the play-off, wich wasn’t taken into account. Krzysztof Kasprzak was ranked second in the "shortened" competition, while Kai Huckenbeck was ranked third.

The Germans did not wait long for the next tournament of the series, as it was organized in Güstrow exactly one year later. The triumph was then won by the Russian Artiom Łaguta, defeating in the final the Latvian Andrzej Lebedev, the Pole Krzysztof Kasprzak and the Czech Vaclav Milik. The following season (2018) again a SEC-Round took place in this localization - the third year in a row. This time Robert Lambert stood on the top step of the podium, and two Danes took places next to him – the second Leon Madsen and the third Mikkel Michelsen.

On July 13th, 2019 the final of the Individual European Speedway Championship again took place in Güstrow. Grigorij Łaguta, who defeated Leon Madsen, Bartosz Smektala and Antonio Lindbäck in the final run of the day, was the best in this battle. Kai Huckenbeck represented the hosts in the series as a regular participant. The German finished on 6th place in front of his own audience, while Kevin Wölbert, competing with a wild card, recorded a very unsuccessful performance and finally finished on 16th position with only two points.

On June 26, 2021, for the sixth time in history, a final round of Speedway Euro Championship will take place in Güstrow. Riders who took their places in the lead at the first round in Bydgoszcz were in a slightly more comfortable situation. The leader of the series is currently Piotr Pawlicki, who is ahead of the first-round winner, Leon Madsen. Daniel Bewley and Mikkel Michelsen will also try to maintain their high disposition. Winning the whole series is rewarded with a place in next year's competition of Speedway Grand Prix. This is also a good reason to make a strong afford for a good performance for Patryk Dudek, who’d like to return to the World Championship. However, the track in Güstrow is very specific and is best done by those who get along with it as soon as possible. On several occasions, competitions here showed, that the favorites finished the competition earlier than expected. Very often there we experience big surprises. How will it be in the next final and will it happen this time too? We'll find out on Saturday night.

Starting list for Saturday's meeting in Güstrow:

1. Mikkel Michelsen (Denmark)
2. Vaclav Milik (Czech Rep.)
3. Piotr Pawlicki (Poland)
4. Leon Madsen (Denmark)
5. Timo Lahti (Finland)
6. Bartosz Smektała (Poland)
7. Jacob Thorssell (Sweden)
8. Kai Huckenbeck (Germany)
9. Robert Lambert (Great Britain)
10. Andzejs Lebedevs (Latvia)
11. Patryk Dudek (Poland)
12. Lukas Baumann (Germany)
13. Siergey Logachev (Russia)
14. Patrick Hansen (Denmark)
15. Nicki Pedersen (Denmark)
15. Daniel Bewley (Great Britain)
17. Ben Ernst (Germany)
18. Mario Niedermeier (Germany)

SEC News
Madsen: I have to finish the job

Leon Madsen became the 2022 Individual European Champion. In Pardubice, the Dane reached for his second TAURON SEC's gold and now has the same number of titles as Mikkel Michelsen and Emil Sayfutdinov.

Kołodziej: I hate tracks like this

Janusz Kołodziej won the silver medal of Individual European Championship. The representative of Poland came to Pardubice as the leader of the interim classification, but finished the series with only one point behind Leon Madsen.

Michelsen: It would be an easy excuse

Mikkel Michelsen grabbed the bronze medal of TAURON SEC 2022. The Dane was fighting with rivals, but also with pain caused by the leg injury. Despite this, he showed great character and stood up on the lowest step of the podium.

Leon Madsen is the new Champion

Leon Madsen is back on top. The Dane made up the loss to Janusz Kołodziej and grabbed the gold medal of the Individual European Championship. Silver went to Kołodziej, while bronze to Mikkel Michelsen.

The first time in Pardubice

The Grand Final of TAURON SEC will be held on September 23rd. The series will end in Pardubice, which will be the host of the IEC round for the first time in history.

The ultimate battle about the title

On September 23rd, in Pardubice we will know the Individual European Champion. There are a few main candidates to win, but in fact, we are going to witness the title battle between Janusz Kołodziej and Leon Madsen. Before the final round, the Dane is only points behind the Pole.

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