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Grzegorz Walasek: It will be great to jump on the bike again

 Grzegorz Walsek who rode for PGE Marma Rzeszów this year, this Sunday September the 29th will Take a part in the last Speedway European Championships final in Rzeszów thanks to the Wild Card given by the SEC organizers.  As Rider admitts it will be great to jump on the bike again for him in the end of the season: - Exactly. This season wasn’t so lucky for me. It was weak to be honest. More than two weeks I haven’t been ridden the bike and it’s high time to change it. Honestly I still don’t know how I will prepare to this final. I think I will go for it straight away. – Grzegorz Walasek admits.

Tomasz Gollob’s serious injury!

Tomasz Gollob’s 2013 season is finished. As a result of a serious crash in the Nordic GP at the weekend, the Pole suffered concussion and damage to the 7th cervical vertebrae. The organisers of the Speedway European Championship have confirmed initial reports of Gollob’s length of rehabilitation have been unclear. Reports say it could be anything from two to six months

Tickets in Rzeszów from 20 złoty's.

 September the 29th on 7 p.m. on the track in Rzeszów fourth Speedway European Championships final will be held. That will be the last SEC meeting this year. We will know who will be the European Champion and who will stay in SEC for next year. We want to remind you that only top three riders will stay in the tournament for 2014 season

Woffinden will wait for the trophy

 Niels Kristian Iversen won the GP round on the one day track in Stockholm. Very unlucky fixture that was for a few SEC riders. Only Nicki Pedersen finished the meeting without injury. He missed the semifinals and finished that round with 5 points only.

Martin Vaculik: I will do my Best to be on the rostrum.

 29th of September on 7 pm in Rzeszów the last Speedway European Championships final will be held. After three competitions leader is Nicki Pedersen who is one point ahead Tai Woffinden and two ahead Tomasz Gollob who have three points advantage over Martin Vaculik who is close to the rostrum. Slovakian international in Gorican final came third and he is still fightin’ for top three which give him a place in SEC for next season.

Piraterna Motala swedish Elitserien Champion!

 Piraterna Motala team after a one year brake became a swedish champion again. In the second leg of the final Stefan Anderson's riders beat Bosse Wirebrand's team 51 to 39 and won the whole final by ten points. Straight from the beginning home team wanted to show that the trophy belong to them. After two heats was 10 to 2 for Pirates, after nine Motala was leading by eighteen points. Fans had no doubt abot that who will be the swedish Elitserien champions.


Unexpected emotions in Sweden

VMS Elit Vetlanda - Piraterna Motala 46:44

 On Tuesday evening first final meeting between Elit Vetlanda and Piraterna Motale were held. Fixture was exciting and case of the trophy is still open. Home team tried to escape from the beginning of the meeting but Pirates managed to find correct setup and they were still close. In the Elit team the best was Janusz Kolodziej who scored paid twelve. Fantastic performance from 32-years old Magnuss Karlsson who replaced injured riders in Bosse Wirebrand's team.

End of the season for Emil Sayfutdinov!

 Emil Sayfutdinov won't start in this season fixtures. Russian international confirmed that on one of the social media website. We want to remind you that Emil have been injured in polish extraleague semifinal in Toruń after a horrible lookin' crash. He was involved in fight with Adrian Miedziński and after that unfortunately Kamil Brzozowski couldn't do anything and went straight into the Emil who was on the track.

ENEA Ekstraliga: Unibax Torun closer to the gold

 Last Sunday in polish Enea Extraleague two meetings for gold and bronze medal were held. In both cases home teams were the squads which were lower in the table after the regular season. In Toruń Unibax were racin' against Stelmet Falubaz and in Tarnów Unia fought with Dospel Włókniarz Czestochowa.

Polish rostrum, Nicki close to the trophy.

 Third SEC final in Gorican for polish riders. Impressive performance for Krzysztof Kasprzak who were racin' fantastic on the Zvonk Pavlic stadium and won the whole meeting. Great succes for Sebastian Ulamek who came back really strong after the injury and showed effective and nice speedway.

Wild card won in Gorican!

 Krzysztof Kasprzak, that riding as a wild card won the third SEC final in Gorican, Croatia! Second place got Sebastian Ułamek. The lowest place on the podium Martin Vaculik from Slovakia. 

Gorican welcome!

 Tomorrow in Gorican third Speedway European Championships final will be held. Preparations and organizing process is doing great, all things are covered and stadium is ready for the tournament: - On Sunday, one week before the meeting Speedway Club Unia had a special prices for tickets ( 1000 tickets in one hour were sold out ). Many schools are interested in this event, so as a club we decided to donate the tickets for kids - Petra Pavlic from the Speedway Club Unia speaks. There will be a plenty of attractions also – fireworks, Harley Davidson entrance, great Dj with lot's of good music and croatian celebrity speaker, so we all want to invite every speedway fan for our SEC final. - Petra finishes.

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